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Best Local Alcohol Brands in the Philippines 2023

Best Local Alcohol Brands in the Philippines 2023

The Philippines has abundant natural resources that are currently utilized for producing alcohol, spirits, and liqueurs with unique flavors and aromas. With Thirst, you can explore some of the freshest and most popular local alcohol brands from around the Philippines. Whether you’re in search of a bold and flavorful beer or a smooth and sweet spirit, there’s something on Thirst for everyone!

Looking to spice up your favorite drinks? Consider trying out one of these popular local alcohol brands from the Philippines:

Alfonso Brandy

Alfonso is a producer of high-quality alcoholic beverages based in Spain. They have been using traditional methods and the finest ingredients for over 100 years and have become a well-known brand in Spain and other regions.

Alfonso is renowned for producing a popular drink, which is its brandy. The company uses a variety of grapes that are grown in the La Mancha region of Spain. After selecting grapes, they are distilled in copper stills, resulting in a flavourful and velvety brandy that’s ideal for savoring solo or making cocktails.

San Miguel Beer (San Miguel Lager)

San Miguel Lager is a beer with a bold flavor that is well-suited for those who enjoy full-flavored beers. This beer is brewed in the Philippines and offers a unique taste for those looking to try something new. Its strong taste is ideal for anyone who prefers a robust beer.

This beer has been brewed using a special mashing process to enhance its full flavor and slightly sweet taste. San Miguel’s premium pilsner-style lager has a golden color and a sweet citrus aroma. It has a full-bodied mouthfeel with creamy white heads and is both bitter and refreshing, making it a crisp and clean beer.

The percentage of alcohol present is 54.9%.

The Filipino Drinking Culture Explained

Historical records indicate that early Filipinos consumed alcohol in significant amounts, particularly during ceremonies, events, and communal recreational activities. It was also customary for them to drink during meals. 

Rejecting the offer of alcohol was seen as a sign of disrespect. Additionally, communal singing often accompanied food-sharing among community members.

Antonio Pigafetta wrote that early Filipinos in Limasawa, Southern Leyte had a specific way of toasting. They would first raise their hands to the sky, before taking their drinking vessel in their right hand and extending the fist of their left hand towards the group.

These days, the Filipino term for drinking sessions is ‘inuman’ and they are usually planned. During an ‘inuman’, people do a cheers called ‘tagayan’ to celebrate the occasion.

The person who serves drinks is known as the tanggero. Whenever everyone’s ready to toast, they’ll put their glasses in the air and shout “tagay”!

Karaoke, often referred to as videoke here in the Philippines, is a staple activity during ‘Inuman’. Pretty much every get-together has a karaoke machine for people to belt out their favorite songs.

Filipinos often have a tradition of ‘Alay sa Demonyo’, which literally translates to “offering to the devil”, before they start drinking.

At a tanggero, the alcohol is traditionally poured from the bottle cap onto the ground to ward away bad spirits and keep the party atmosphere going all night. People who attend an inuman usually consist of friends (“barkada”) and family members.

Pulutan snacks are the perfect accompaniment for drinks, and they typically consist of sisig, chicharon, lechon, inihaw and crispy pata.

The Typical Pinoy Alak Mix

Gin Pom

If you haven’t tried “gin bilog,” one of the most popular local gins in the Philippines, then you might not have had a genuine Filipino drinking experience yet.

One of the most beloved Filipino cocktails is a sweet and tangy drink, perfect for hot summer days. 

  • To make it, you’ll need a bottle of gin bilog 
  • a sachet of powdered pomelo juice
  • a liter of water, and ice


Are you prepared for a night of dancing? This beverage contains a combination of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol that will certainly provide you with the energy to dance all night long.1 bottle gin bilog

  • To make the drink, you will need one sachet of melon juice powder, 
  • one sachet of 3-in-1 coffee mix, 
  • you can add a dash of strawberry syrup if desired. 
  • Add ice and enjoy.


This cocktail’s name could be misunderstood by children since it looks like harmless pineapple juice, but it actually contains two potent alcoholic ingredients. It might as well be called “Rated Parental Guidance.

  • 1 bottle Red Horse 
  • 1 bottle gin bilog 
  • 1 500 ml canned pineapple juice 
  • Ice

Highest Alcohol Content in the Philippines

Red Horse Beer is a high-alcohol lager with an alcohol concentration of 6.9% abv. It is the first extra-strong beer brand in the Philippines and is produced by the San Miguel Brewery. The beer has a unique sweetish flavor that is balanced by a smooth bitterness, and it is a deeply hued lager.


What is the Philippines original alcohol?

The Philippines original alcohol is the ‘Lambanog’, a distilled coconut spirit. Lambanog has been around for centuries and was used as a traditional medicine to cure various ailments, such as colds and fever, as well as being enjoyed recreationally. 

Is liquor cheaper in Philippines?

Yes, liquor is much cheaper in the Philippines compared to other countries. Prices range from very affordable to expensive depending on the type of alcohol and brand you choose. For example, local brands like Tanduay Rum can cost as low as PHP 40 (around USD 0.72) while premium brands.

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