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A Definitive Guide to the Best Soju Flavors in 2024

A Definitive Guide to the Best Soju Flavors and Perfect Pulutan in 2024

Now that we are in 2023, the popularity of soju continues to captivate taste buds worldwide, making this Korean spirit a staple in bars, restaurants, and homes alike. With its smooth taste and wide range of flavors, soju appeals to both connoisseurs and novices alike. 

In this definitive guide, we delve into the best soju flavors that are taking the spotlight this year. We will explore the top soju flavors you must try, along with expert recommendations for food pairings and consumption tips. Embark on an exhilarating journey through the world of soju as we uncover the finest flavors of 2023.

What does Soju taste like?

Soju is a clear, colorless, distilled spirit that originates from Korea. Its taste can be described as clean and neutral, with a subtle sweetness and a hint of bitterness. The flavor profile of soju is often compared to vodka but with a smoother and less harsh finish. Due to its relatively neutral taste, soju is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed straight, mixed with other beverages, or used as a base for cocktails.

The taste of soju can vary depending on the ingredients used during the distillation process. Traditional soju is made from rice, but other starches like wheat, barley, sweet potatoes, and tapioca are also used in its production. These variations in ingredients can result in subtle differences in taste, ranging from slightly sweet to mildly earthy.

Flavored Soju’s Alcohol Percentage

Flavored soju has gained popularity for its delightful infusion of various fruits and flavors, making it an appealing choice for those who prefer a more exciting taste experience. The alcohol percentage of flavored soju is typically lower than that of the original, unflavored soju.

While the alcohol content of traditional soju generally ranges from 16% to 25% ABV (alcohol by volume), flavored soju tends to have a lower alcohol content, usually between 12% and 16% ABV. This lower alcohol percentage makes flavored soju a more approachable option for those who want to enjoy the taste of soju without the stronger kick of the original version.

It is essential to note that the alcohol percentage can vary depending on the brand and flavor, so it’s always a good idea to check the label before consuming flavored soju.

Soju Flavors

In recent years, the variety of soju flavors has expanded to cater to various tastes and preferences. From fruity to sweet, there’s a soju flavor for everyone. Let’s explore some of the most popular soju flavors that you should consider trying.


Strawberry soju is a delightful and refreshing option for those who love the taste of ripe, juicy strawberries. This fruity flavor is perfect for those who enjoy a touch of sweetness in their alcoholic beverages. The natural sweetness of strawberries balances well with the smoothness of soju, making it an excellent choice for sipping on its own or mixing into cocktails. Pair strawberry soju with light appetizers like fresh fruit or sushi for a satisfying combination.


Blueberry soju offers a vibrant, fruity flavor that adds a touch of sweetness to the classic soju taste. This flavor is perfect for those who prefer a more subtle fruitiness in their drinks. Enjoy blueberry soju with rich, creamy dishes like tuna tartare or avocado toast for a harmonious blend of flavors.


Peach soju is a sweet and aromatic option that transports you to the orchards with its distinct ripe peach flavor. This popular choice is perfect for those who enjoy fruity beverages with a hint of sweetness. The smoothness of soju combined with the lusciousness of peaches makes this flavor a crowd-pleaser. Savor peach soju with savory grilled pork belly or crispy fish tacos for a delicious contrast.

Green Grape

Green grape soju offers a unique twist on the classic grape flavor. With its crisp and slightly tangy taste, green grape soju appeals to those who appreciate a more refreshing and less sweet fruit flavor. This soju flavor pairs exceptionally well with spicy dishes like kimchi pancakes or zesty shrimp cocktails, as the refreshing green grape taste complements the spice and zest of these dishes.

Best Pulutan for Soju in the Philippines

Pulutan, a term used in the Philippines for finger foods or appetizers consumed while drinking alcoholic beverages, is an essential part of Filipino drinking culture. When enjoying soju, it’s crucial to find the perfect pulutan to complement your drink. Here are some popular food pairings that go exceptionally well with soju.


Samgyeopsal, or Korean grilled pork belly, is a classic and popular pulutan choice when enjoying soju. The savory, smoky flavors of the grilled pork belly create a delicious contrast with the smoothness of soju. Wrap the grilled meat in lettuce leaves with a dab of ssamjang (Korean dipping sauce) for an authentic Korean experience.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken, especially the Korean-style variety, makes for an excellent pulutan when consuming soju. The crispy, juicy, and slightly spicy fried chicken complements the clean and refreshing taste of soju. Opt for Yangnyeom chicken, which is coated in a sweet and spicy sauce, for an exciting flavor combination.


Which soju is the sweetest?

Among the various flavored sojus, the sweetest options tend to be fruit-based ones such as peach and strawberry. These flavors have a more pronounced sweetness compared to other, more subtle fruit flavors. However, personal preferences may vary, so it’s always a good idea to try several flavors to find the one that suits your taste buds best.

Can 1 bottle of soju get you drunk?

The effect of one bottle of soju on an individual depends on factors such as body weight, alcohol tolerance, and food consumption. A standard bottle of soju contains around 16-25% ABV, which is equivalent to approximately four shots of spirits. For some people, one bottle may be enough to feel tipsy, while others may require more to feel intoxicated. It’s essential to consume soju responsibly and know your limits.

What should I mix soju with?

Soju is incredibly versatile and can be mixed with various beverages to create delicious cocktails. Some popular mixers for soju include:

  • Beer: Create a “somaek” by mixing soju and beer.
  • Fruit juices: Combine soju with orange, apple, or pineapple juice for a fruity cocktail.
  • Soft drinks: Mix soju with soda, cola, or lemon-lime soda for a bubbly concoction.
  • Yakult: Blend soju with Yakult, a probiotic yogurt drink, for a creamy and tangy mixture.

Do you refrigerate soju?

Yes, it is recommended to refrigerate soju, especially flavored varieties. Chilled soju is more enjoyable, as the cold temperature enhances its smoothness and refreshing qualities. Once opened, it’s best to store soju in the refrigerator to maintain its freshness and flavor.

What is the best flavor of soju for beginners?

For beginners, fruity flavors such as peach, green grape, and strawberry are great options. These flavors offer a sweeter and more approachable taste than the original, unflavored soju. The lower alcohol content of flavored soju also makes it easier for beginners to enjoy without feeling overwhelmed.

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